Submission guidelines

1. ALL papers submitted to Linguagens e Diálogos must:
a) be written in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
b) be unpublished. All papers will be judged by an advisory board.
c) be written by an MA or PhD holder. Supervision solely does not justify authorship.
d) follow the guidelines below.


2. Linguagens e Diálogos publishes articles, essays, reviews and tales whose length is:
a) Articles should be 10 to 30 pages.
b) Essays should be 6 to 10 pages.
c) Reviews should be 2 to 6 pages.
d) Tales should be 2 to 6 pages.


3. Papers should be in A4-sized paper, in *.doc (Word for Windows format) with the following layout:
a) Font: Times New Roman, 12 points in size
b) Space: 1,5cm between lines (do not skip lines between paragraphs)
c) Margins: all margins must be 2,5cm
d) Sections: 12-point font in Arial, bold, numbered from the introduction, flush left, initial caps
e) Quotations: a) less than 3 typed lines - use quotation marks ; b) more than 3 typed lines - use 10-point font in Times New Roman, single spaced, 2,5cm from the left margin (press TAB twice), no quotation marks. All citations must be indicated in the text according to the parttern: SURNAME, year of publication, page(s)
f) Title (in English and Portuguese): 14-point font in Arial, bold, do not exceed 20 words, initial caps
g) Author(s): 12-point font in Times New Roman, after the title, followed by the affiliation and e-mail (the latter as footnote).
h) Abstract: two lines after the affiliation, it should not exceed 250 words, with a brief view of the content, aims, methodology and conclusion.
i) Keywords: after the abstract, between 3 and 5 keywords
j) Resumo: abstract in Portuguese limited to 250 words
k) Palavras-chave: keywords in Portuguese, between 3 and 5
l) Tables, Graphics and Figures: must be numbered and cited in the text with captions
m) References: must follow the ABNT stylesheet.
Download the template in English to write your text.
IMPORTANT: Submitting to Linguagens and Diálogos means you are fully responsible for the authorship of your paper.

Send your text to the e-mail: